Benpaali Young Filmmaker’s festival Day 2

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Naa Dakwa June 5, 20156:09 pm

About starting the youth film screening. Lights…camera…action!

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20156:02 pm

Workshops have just ended.
Great sessions! Great speakers! Great lessons!

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20154:24 pm

Workshops have begun! June 5, 20154:03 pm

Juliet Adei June 5, 20153:36 pm

Loira Limbal explains that the reason her film took 7 years is because she and her crew  had limited funds, they shot in different countries and they were first timers. She adds that a number of parts had to be redone.   

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20153:26 pm

Loira Limbal sits on stage with today’s moderator Mawuli Dagadu and explains the challenges in putting together the video as a first-time film maker at the time. Shares how the video took 7 years in compiling

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20153:20 pm

Wow. Really insightful and inspiring video on Hip-Hop.
Time for discussions!

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20152:48 pm

More support for the natural-hair ladies 😉

“Who says to be beautiful, you have to iron your hair?”

Quote from a Cuban in the Hip-Hop video. Interesting line huh?

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20152:36 pm

Interesting quote from the video: “Hip Hop is my political party”, “I self-medicate by rapping in front of crowds”

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20152:28 pm

Now watching the film ‘Estilo Hip Hop’ By Loira Limbal

Juliet Adei June 5, 20152:17 pm

A documentary, Vagina and Gender is spiking some smiles and giggles. With interviews by a number of people and facts from a survey on women and their sexuality the documentary is  entertaining, informative and insightful. June 5, 20152:04 pm June 5, 20152:03 pm

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20151:45 pm

Ok, let’s begin! Popcorn please 😉

Naa Dakwa June 5, 20151:43 pm

Loira Limbal takes the floor to give a background to the hip-hop films about to be shown. She sums up the film as being about the lives of people who belief hip hop can change the world, their background, and how each of them is using hip-hop to change their lives and the communities they’re in. June 5, 20151:34 pm

Welcome to day two of the Benpaali Filmmaker’s Festival!

The event has kicked off with screening of some of the submissions to the film festival. Very introspective short films with themes spanning from  background story of hiplife to the interesting art of “okpo” ( pigeon) hunting with technology in the mix. 

Some filmmakers are also tackling phone addiction with a video that highlights the dangers of concentrating too much on phone messaging.

The story of Kadi is one documenting the struggles of a young girl working hard to fulfill her dream to become a doctor so she can bring life and health to her village community. The documentary details her day to day life activities and gives the viewer a glimpse of the power of light in the midst of darkness: a metaphor encapsulated in a kerosene lantern called Kadi which is central to the young lady’s ability to fulfil her aspirations.

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