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Benpaali 2017 Theme. Native Storyteller: Seen it/Scene it

Benpaali Young Filmmakers Festival is in its third year of showcasing #storiesthatmatter. Our theme for 2017 is ​Native Storytellers: Seen it/Scene It. As human beings we share one global space, regardless of our age, race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, immigrant status, or abilities. Borders do not protect us from being displaced or without clean water due to the effects of illegal mining in Ghana, encroachment on indigenous land in the US, or other impacts made by human decision. Land provides life to all people, everywhere.

Artists are witnesses to dynamic realities and through storytelling express their unique observations. Whether true or imagined, real or visionary, their stories remind us of our right, power and responsibility to speak out on issues that affect how we live, and how well.
We invite young artists (ages 15-30), especially those from Africa and the African Diaspora, to submit short films inspired by the concept ​Native Storytellers: Seen it/Scene It. What if you saw yourself as 'native' to land or place as a way to think about your relationship to others? What would you notice? What would you care about? What would you stand and fight for? What is your story?

We encourage self-taught and trained artists (ages 15-30) from diverse ethnic, religious, gender & class backgrounds to submit 5 to 15 minute long films. Live action or documentary, animated or fiction, the committee is open to topics focused on cultural heritage and memory, the environment, and/or social and political issues.
The deadline ​for entering a film is 6 October 2017​. Download an entry form here and follow the instructions for submission.