About Benpaali

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Bɛnpaali (connoting a new dawn in the Bulsa language) is a forum for filmmakers between the ages of 15-30 from diverse ethnic, gender, sexual, class, and religious backgrounds to bring to light issues that matter to them, whilst connecting emerging artists with those that are more seasoned from both Ghana and the United States. bɛnpaali merges art and scholarship to harness our heritage through innovative storytelling. To the greatest extent possible, we intentionally employ the core values listed below in planning, promoting, choosing key participants, and assembling our team.  

  • We work with and for youth, as it is their ideas, interests, concern and preferences that guide our work.
  • We write ourselves into history through story telling that is by and about people of the African Diaspora and through referencing/uplifting Diasporan scholarship, art and imagery.
  • We are inclusive, seeking representation/participation of people across ethnic, gender, sexual, class and religion backgrounds.

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