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Why Heritage & Media Arts?

In predominantly youthful Ghana and Africa, young people’s knowledge, ideas and leadership is rarely considered or integrated into public dialogue about issues affecting them. Ghana comprises over 60 ethnic groups, each with its own language, religion and culture, yet a few languages dominate public discussion.

Youth artists are aware of these various realities, and as evidenced in the films submitted to the inaugural Bɛnpaali, want to examine a range of cultural and social issues. Film and media are not solely about entertainment but have the effect of being incredibly evocative. Young people are naturally curious, creative, and justice seeking, and are therefore a potent force for helping us recognize our shared humanity.

In telling #storiesthatmatter, young artists explore who they are, where they come from, issues important to them and their communities, and by so doing, consider which aspects of their culture they want to harness and why. Bɛnpaali is a platform where heritage and imagination are merged, where the synergy between youth and media comes to life.